Energy Ministry Regulation No.10/2023

Last updated: 12 December 2023

The revised regulation supersedes Energy Ministry Regulations Nos. 7/2020 and 16/2021, governing the oversight of mining contracts, permits, workplans, budgets, and reports in Indonesia's mineral and coal mining sector. Key changes include:

  • The duration of the Work-Plan and Budget-Plan (RKAB) is extended to three years, previously valid for one year.
  • Immediate administrative sanctions are imposed for non-compliance, such as failing to submit the RKAB on time or exceeding agreed production capacity. This can lead to instant permit revocation, a process that previously required multiple steps.
  • The evaluation process is now facilitated by an online application, e-RKAB.

The regulation details the RKAB's role in the reporting of mineral and coal mining activities. It outlines the procedures for RKAB preparation, submission, evaluation, and approval during exploration and production stages. These steps include:

  • Preparation: Mining business licence holders create an RKAB for exploration and production.
  • Submission: The RKAB is submitted to the minister or governor electronically or through an information system, depending on their authority.
  • Approval: The minister or governor approves the RKAB, ensuring compliance with set requirements.

Licence holders must also prepare and submit periodic, final, and special reports to the minister or governor. Periodic reports can be monthly or quarterly, while final reports include comprehensive exploration and feasibility study reports. The regulation allows up to 30 working days for RKAB approval or rejection.

This regulation came into effect on 11 September 2023.

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