Energy Ministry Decree regarding National Planning on Mineral and Coal 2022-2027

Last updated: 12 December 2023

This decree has instituted a strategic plan aimed at overseeing the Management of National Mineral and Coal from 2022 to 2027. The plan encompasses key elements such as  the objective, target, institutional framework, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. Taking into consideration various factors such as sustainability of natural resources and environment, regional spatial layout, the development of sciences and technology, economy growth, mineral commodity priority, total and available mining areas, total reserve of mineral resources and coal as well as the availability of facilities and infrastructure, the plan aims to ensure a comprehensive approach. This strategic plan serves as a guiding framework for various aspects of mineral and coal management, including the issuance of mining permits, supervision, enhancement of the added value of mineral and coal, production control, sales oversight and the establishment of state revenue targets.  
Technical guidelines are implemented in accordance with the National Mineral and Coal Management Plan, ensuring a standardised approach. Furthermore, the plan undergoes periodic revaluation every five years to adapt to changes in national mineral and coal policy, as well as shift in the long-term and medium-term national development plans. By addressing these elements, the plan seeks to promote sustainable resource management and contribute to the overall development of the mining sector.

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