National Lithium Strategy

Last updated: 12 December 2023

The National Lithium Strategy aims to vitalise the Chilean economy through the development of the domestic lithium industry. The Strategy is intended to be a public-private collaboration, with the State supplying the long term vision and regulations and private companies contributing capital, technology and market networks. The creation of the National Lithium Company, pending congressional approval, will be key to implementing the objectives of the plan.
Main objectives include:

  1. Sustainable development of lithium production potential
  2. Social and environmental sustainability
  3. Technological and supply chain development
  4. Chile’s participation in lithium revenue streams
  5. Fiscal sustainability
  6. Diversification of industry players
  7. Contribution to economic diversification and growth potential

The strategic pillars of the plan will begin to be implemented through the following immediate actions between 2023-2024:

  1. The creation of a Strategic Committee for Lithium and Salt Flats to promote policies that enable the scientific-technological and industrial development of lithium production.
  2. Initiation of a stakeholder engagement and participation process with community, governmental, academic, civil society and private sector stakeholders.
  3. Creation of the state-owned National Lithium Company that will partner with the private sector for the sustainable development of exploration, operation and technological development.
  4. Creation of a Network of Protected Salt Flats composed of at least 30% of these ecosystems by 2030, in line with the Convention on Biodiversity's Global Biodiversity Framework. 
  5. Modernisation of the institutional framework to facilitate the industry’s development and growth, reduce environmental and social impacts and harmonise existing and new public bodies.
  6. Creation of a Public Technology and Research Institute for Lithium and Salt Flats to generate knowledge and technology, as well as increase understanding and environmental protections through the generation of public ecosystem baselines. 
  7. Involvement of the State in Atacama Salt Flat production activities, particularly in light of the expiration of private sector lease agreements in 2030.
  8. Prospecting in other salt flats.

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