Circular Critical Materials Supply Chains (CLIMATES) Programme

Last updated: 11 December 2023

The Department for Business and Trade launched the Circular Critical Materials Supply Chains (CLIMATES) programme in February  2023 to support the UK’s Critical Minerals Strategy of building and developing resilient supply chains. The GBP 15 million programme is initially targeting rare earth elements, with a focus on primary (mine to magnet) and secondary (end of life to magnet) supply chains. The programme supports collaborative research and development projects, feasibility studies and Innovation Exchange challenges across five focus areas: 1) mining and up-stream, 2) mid-stream, 3) down-stream and magnet manufacture, 4) circular supply chains, and 5) materials. 
In September 2023, the UK's Innovation agency announced a GBP 6.6 million investment in research projects under the programme's Critical Materials for Magnets Competition. 

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