The 4th National Programme for Mine Rehabilitation

Last updated: 8 December 2023

The 6th National Programme for Mine Rehabilitation promotes efficiency in mine rehabilitation projects that can create a sustainable mining development environment and enhance public perception in mine rehabilitation. The programme targets 30% completion of the mine rehabilitation projects for 5,475 closed and abandoned mines nationwide by 2026 and realise carbon offsets of 1,400 tCO2 per year from 2026 through forest restoration projects.
The three main objectives of the plan are:
1. Improving the efficiency of mine rehabilitation projects. Integrated processing methods will be implemented when multiple mines are found to be contaminated in a district. Mine damage prevention technology will be consistently improved to proactively address potentially contaminated mines.
2. Creating a sustainable mining development environment. Carbon offsetting mine rehabilitation facilities will be actively pursued to reduce carbon emissions. Solar and hydroelectric power will be used to expand water purification and other mine rehabilitation facilities.
3. Enhancing public perception. The plan will prioritise resolving collective local complaints related to mine contamination. Collaborative projects will be expanded to stimulate local mine economies and lay the foundation for safe national food production.

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