(Queensland) Resources Industry Development Plan

Last updated: 11 December 2023

The Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan, created collaboratively by government, industry and communities, sets out a pathway for a resources industry that will continue to create jobs and prosperity responsibly and sustainably. The plan has six key focus areas:

  1. Grow and diversify the industry
  2. Strengthen ESG credentials and protect the environment
  3. Foster coexistence and sustainable communities
  4. Ensure strong and genuine First Nation partnerships
  5. Build a safe and resilient future workforce
  6. Improve regulatory efficiency

The Plan recognises the potential of "new economy" minerals and metals present in Queensland to contribute to the production of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines, as well as the grid storage batteries. The state intends to sustainably mine, process, manufacture and supply these minerals, which include copper, vanadium, aluminium, cobalt, graphite, tungsten, zinc and nickel.
An immediate priority for new economy mineral development is exploration, in which the government is investing $42.6 million, including $22.6 million for the Collaborative Exploration Initiative. Research is also being conducted into maximising the commercial opportunity of abandoned mines for mineral recovery.
Over $10 million has also been committed to establishing a common user demonstration minerals processing facility, where vanadium will be the first mineral processed. Alongside the Queensland Energy Plan, the government is developing a multi-technology Queensland Battery Industry Strategy to grow the local value chain for battery minerals. 

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