Boundary Dam carbon capture project in Canada

Last updated: 21 August 2023

SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Power Station in Saskatchewan, Canada in 2014 became the world’s first power station to successfully apply CCUS technology at commercial scale in 2014. As the Canadian government has announced the phase-out of unabated coal generation by 2030, the CCUS-equipped Unit 3 of the Boundary Dam plant will be allowed to remain open as it complies with regulatory requirements. The power plant produces 115 MW of clean base load electricity, enough to power 100 000 homes, and is now expected to be in service for an additional three decades. The technologies applied will allow the project to reduce SO2 emissions by up to 100% and CO2 by up to 90%. The power plant has captured over 4 Mt CO2, with most of it used in enhanced oil recovery and stored, and a smaller portion injected and stored in Aquistore, a deep geological CO2 storage research site. The lessons learned from Boundary Dam also provide a foundation for capturing CO2 in a variety of sectors where CCUS deployment will be critical – including in cement, iron and steel, and natural gas power generation. 

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