Student Energy Solutions Movement

Last updated: 3 August 2023

Student Energy is a Canada-based, youth-led organisation that aims to empower the next generation of leaders to drive energy and climate transitions. It works with a network of 50 000 young people from over 120 countries to build sustainable energy knowledge, skills and networks, in cooperation with governments, companies and organisations. Within the platform, the Student Energy Solutions Movement plans to support 100 000 young people in building the technical and soft skills training needed to work in the growing clean energy sector by 2030. The initiative plans to raise USD 150 million by 2030 to provide young people from around the world with access to small-scale funding and education, training and mentorship so they can implement clean energy projects in their communities. There are several projects in Student Energy’s portfolio that utilise proven coaching and mentorship models to provide skills training to young people around the world. For entry-level, community-building experiences, they offer Student Energy Chapters and Fellows. These programmes enable young people to realise how they can be part of building the clean energy future and gives them tools to engage their communities. For more directed programming, Career Training offers a four-month training programme that prepares young people for jobs in clean energy policy, finance, project management and data analysis. For those interested in project development and entrepreneurship, they offer Student Energy Start-Ups, under which young people are supported in completing a small-tomedium scale energy project and learning the skills necessary to start their own business. The Solutions Movement enables these programmes to engage and train youth at the scale and speed required to fill demand for people who will implement the clean energy transition. 

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