European Master in Renewable Energy

Last updated: 3 August 2023

 The European Master in Renewable Energy was developed by the European Renewable Energy Research Centres (EUREC) and a consortium of nine universities to train people for skills in renewable energy fields. Created in 2002, this master’s degree is intended to meet the job market’s growing demand for renewable energy expertise, and is accessible to graduate students from scientific disciplines or with relevant work experience. The course is divided into three sections: in the first semester, students learn the foundations of key renewable energy technologies; in the second semester, they choose a technology for specialisation at a separate university; and during the final session, students undertake a six-month practical training or research project. Universities offer different specialisations, such as in photovoltaics, wind energy, grid integration, solar thermal and associated renewable storage, ocean energy, and sustainable fuel systems for mobility. Each university can admit around 8 to 15 students. For the academic year 2019-2020, 59 students participated in the programme. For Academic Year 2022-2023, the course fee is EUR 8 000 for EU students and EUR 13 000 for non-EU students. 

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