EBRD just transition initiative

Last updated: 2 August 2023

The EBRD’s just transition initiative will help its countries of operation achieve clean and inclusive transitions. Since 2006, the EBRD has undertaken EUR 34 billion in green financing for more than 1 900 projects as well as EUR 7 billion for inclusion projects. The just transition initiative will focus on three priority areas: 1) a green economy transition; 2) supporting workers; and 3) regional economic development. The work will build off the bank’s expertise in promoting economic inclusion by harnessing private sector investments and undertaking policy engagement to promote structural changes. Moreover, the EBRD is also piloting targeted strategic support initiatives for select national and regional authorities based on transition challenges and opportunities. Such efforts will greatly support countries that require additional economic assistance to undertaken inclusive transitions. For example, the EBRD invested PLN 240 million (EUR 55 million) in a bond issued by one of Poland’s largest energy companies to pursue a decarbonisation strategy that must include a programme to address the regional social impacts of coal plant closures. 

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