Walkthrough Energy Audit (WTEA) Scheme for Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Gujarat (2014/2015)

Last updated: 12 May 2021
This scheme is applicable for Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises in the industrial sector. A Walk-Through energy Audit (WTEA) is a simple visual investigative audit and table-top survey of the energy bills of the manufacturing facility. In this scheme GEDA deploy qualified energy auditors to carry out WTEAs in MSMEs and submit energy audit reports, which comprise an analysis of the energy consumption pattern and recommendations to save energy in the audited MSME units. The WTEA will also point out good 'House Keeping 'practices relevant to the industry being audited.The objective of scheme is to promote the concept of energy conservation and management in the small and medium industries sector. The target was to carry out 500 walk-through energy audits in MSMEs clusters such as metal-processing, re-rolling, foundry and chemical industries within Gujarat State. As an incentive, companies can get financial assistance of INR 6000 per audit to cover the fees of the the Energy Auditor against submission of the WTEA report.

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