Canada Generation Energy

Last updated: 2 August 2023

In 2017, Generation Energy engaged over 380 000 Canadians in a national conversation about Canada’s energy future. The discussion focused on three broad themes: 1) Canada’s energy future plan; 2) innovative and fact-based decision making; and 3) clean and affordable energy. In June 2018, the Generation Energy Council presented its report to the Minister of Natural Resources. The 14-member Generation Energy Council had a mandate to advise the Government of Canada on how the country could transition to a reliable, affordable, low-carbon future, informed by the extensive national dialogue with Canadians. The Council identified four pathways that could collectively lead to an affordable, reliable and clean energy future: clean power, energy efficiency, cleaner oil and gas, and low-carbon fuels. The Council also emphasized the central role for Indigenous People in Canada’s energy future, as leaders in the transition – acting as stewards of the land, environment and natural resources. Canada’s energy policy continues to be informed by these pathways, as it transitions to a net-zero future. 

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