Peru’s Social Inclusion Fund

Last updated: 2 August 2023

The Peruvian government created the Social Inclusion Energy Fund (FISE) in 2012 to bring clean energy to the most vulnerable segments of the population and help tackle energy poverty in the country. The programmes financed by this fund consisted of granting subsidies on LPG prices and electricity tariffs to low-income households, promoting car conversions to LPG or natural gas, and installing solar PVs in isolated homes that are not physically connected to the grid. By 2019, around 2.9 million households benefitted from electricity price subsidies, and 177 609 solar panels were installed. Most panels were installed in homes, but also in health and education buildings, powering basic services in vulnerable communities. Peru’s outreach and communication efforts as part of implementation were instrumental to outcomes. The FISE programme included a website as well as the use of text messaging and other “fast communication” methods to facilitate contact with eligible groups. Use of digital vouchers and cellular banking enabled real-time transactions, eliminating delays and reducing administrative costs.

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