Colombia’s electrification in rural areas

Last updated: 2 August 2023

Colombia introduced a new mechanism to bring power service to households that are not physically connected to the main grid. It consists of providing tariff incentives to distribution network operators to carry out renewable energy projects in rural areas where connection to the main grid is not an economically viable solution. Network operators can deploy centralised micro-grids in remote communities or install self-consumption solutions in isolated homes that are more difficult to access. The government identified 338 000 households that could benefit from this mechanism, of which 170 000 could be supplied through community micro-grids and 168 000 with off-grid solar systems. Through the programme, the government expects to end 2021 with more than 70 000 families receiving electricity for the first time. Moreover, projects are underway to end 2022 with nearly 100 000 new homes connected. In addition, the inclusion of new business models, such as logistics networks, will help Colombia accelerate universal electricity access by 2030.

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