Universal electrification in Morocco

Last updated: 2 August 2023

The Moroccan universal access programme for electricity based on solar power concluded in 2010. While in 1990 only a low 18% of the rural population had access to electricity, today’s coverage is nearly 100%. As part of the programme, 10% of the country’s population, or around 200 000 households that live in remote rural areas, were electrified through solar home systems. Among the factors that enabled Morocco’s success with universal electrification was that local stakeholders were able to design and implement solar concessions and could attract international solar developers that conducted feasibility analyses for various supply options. Furthermore, strong political will and the inclusion of all means of financing, including private-sector finance, cross-subsidies, direct public subsidies and international debt supported the strong outcomes of the programme. With the conclusion of the programme and a nearly universal electrification of the population, social development in remote rural areas has advanced considerably, helping to narrow regional inequalities.

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