Panama’s Energy Transition Council

Last updated: 2 August 2023

In November 2020, the government of Panama established an Energy Transition Council to provide advice, consultation and accountability for the government’s enactment of the Strategic Guidelines of Panama´s Energy Transition Agenda. Among its thematic areas of focus are universal energy access, energy efficiency, electric mobility, distributed generation, grid modernisation and the hydrocarbons sector. The Council is comprised of a number of stakeholders from the public and private sectors and academia. As part of its transition agenda, the government has prepared ‘Energy Pacts’ that represent voluntary commitments of the country to expand energy coverage, electrification and renewable energy capacity by 2030, the latter focusing on solar and wind energy. In July 2020, at the Ministerial Thematic Forum organised by the United Nations, the government presented 38 Energy Pacts, highlighting access to energy as an opportunity for socio-economic inclusion as well as its intent to promote local entrepreneurship and the participation of women and youth in clean energy transitions.

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