South Africa Presidential Climate Change Coordinating Commission

Last updated: 2 August 2023

As part of South Africa’s early institutional efforts to develop a framework for a just transition, the country’s president in December 2020 established the inaugural Presidential Climate Change Coordinating Commission (P4C). The establishment of the committee stems from a decision taken at the Presidential Jobs Summit held in October 2018, where a broad set of participants agreed that a coordinated body should be established to oversee the country’s just transition strategy. Its mandate is to advise on the country’s plans to address climate change. As part of this, the P4C will advise and help develop a common understanding of a just transition, accounting for the socio-economic, environmental and technological implications of climate change. It is also meant to provide a platform to engage key stakeholders on the National Employment Vulnerability Assessment and Sector Job Resilient Plans. The Commission’s membership includes representatives from government, civil society, labour unions and industry. This includes ministers from not just the energy ministry, but also those overseeing the environment, transport, finance, education, agriculture and rural affairs, planning, and trade and industry, which will help ensure an all-of-government approach and coordination on the just transition. 

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