Canada skills training for the energy transition

Last updated: 2 August 2023

As part of its Budget 2018, the government of Canada committed CAD 35 million (EUR 24 million) over five years to the Canada Coal Transition Initiative, which supports skills development and economic diversification activities for workers and communities impacted by the low carbon transition. In the area of energy efficiency, the government is working with partner organisations on opportunities for targeted investments in training and upskilling/re-tooling to build a skilled workforce to support current and anticipated energy efficiency sector growth. Some supported projects provided virtual training to Canadians at discounted rates during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as free online training and instructional materials, to help ensure there are enough qualified workers to support energy audits, retrofits and net-zero home construction. The government also launched the CAD 298 million Skills for Success Program that will help create 90 000 job training opportunities for foundational and transferable skills training. The training will support all Canadians at all skills levels, which will better prepare them meet demands for job skills in the current and future labour market. The government is also investing CAD 225 million in the Future Skills initiative over four years and CAD 75 million per year ongoing to ensure that Canada’s skills development policies and programmes are responsive to the evolving needs of jobseekers, workers and employers. This includes priority areas of action, such as the transition to a low-carbon emissions economy, as identified by the Future Skills Council.

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