Geological Survey of Norway Award Letter

Last updated: 8 December 2023

The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) is an agency under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (NFD) tasked with mapping Norway's geology, and disseminating and presenting data in order to meet society’s needs for basic geological knowledge. Their mission and activities are designed to promote added value and sustainable economic growth in Norway. This award letter states the government's ambitions and expectations to the Geological Survey of Norway in 2023.
Objectives of the NGU:

  1. NGU's activities must lead to Norway's geology and geological resources being mapped in a way that provides map data of the best possible resolution, quality and utility value within the current budget framework.
  2. Geological knowledge that NGU possesses must be easily accessible and free of charge for use within business development.

The award letter increases NGU's allocation by NOK 10 million in 2023, earmarked for an investment in mapping mineral resources with particular attention to critical mineral resources. An allocation of NOK 60 million has been made to NGU for the acquisition of a new research vessel for use in marine research and marine geological mapping of coastal and fjord areas.

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