Mining Reforms 2022 - DECREE by which various provisions of the Mexican Mining Law are amended and added

Last updated: 10 December 2023

Under this decree, the President reforms the Mining Act to effectively establish a nationalised lithium industry.
Article 5bis of the Act is thus amended:

  • Lithium is declared to be of public utility; therefore no concessions, licenses, contracts, permits or authorisations will be granted. Areas containing deposits of lithium will be considered mining reserve areas. 
  • It is recognised that lithium is the patrimony of the Nation and its exploration, exploitation, benefit and use is reserved in favor of the people of Mexico. 
  • The channels of economic value for lithium will be administered and controlled by a decentralised public organisation.  
  • The Mexican Geological Service will assist the public organisation with the identification of areas which contain potential for lithium deposits.

Article 10 of the Act describes the public organisation that will undertake the exploration, exploitation, profiting and utilisation of lithium under the State. This organisation will scrupulously comply with legislation and international treaties concerning the protection of the environment and the rights of original peoples and indigenous and afromexican communities.

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