SANS 204: Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In summary it pecifies the design requirements for energy efficiency in buildings and of services in buildings with natural environmental control and artificial ventilation or air conditioning systems.
SANS 204-1: This standard provides the general requirements for energy efficiency. According to the approach used in the revised South African Building Regulations and the new building code (SANS 10400 series) performance parameters are outlined first. These are then followed by the route to demonstrate compliance, either by rational design or deemed-to-satisfy rules.
This first part of SANS 204 sets out general requirements for achieving energy efficiency in all types of buildings as performance parameters, and will eventually form part of the National Building Regulations. Parts 2 and 3, which deal with naturally ventilated buildings and artificially ventilated buildings, respectively, will eventually become part of the SANS 10400 National Building Code.
Part 2 of the standard covers naturally ventilated buildings (with natural environmental control), while Part 3 is for artificially ventilated buildings with artificial environmental control.
Part 3 is for buildings with a central HVAC system (that is, humidity, ventilation and air conditioning). Buildings without air conditioning are covered by Part 2, which includes buildings containing free-standing heating or cooling (in other words, not centralised) systems.

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