Gas Growth Integrated Project (GGIP)

Last updated: 22 May 2023

The Prime Minister of Iraq and France’s Total Energies agreed on a $10 billion gas deal to recapture and use flared gas in southern Iraq through the Gas Growth Integrated Project (GGIP). The consortium to implement this project will be composed of TotalEnergies (45%), QatarEnergy (25%) and Iraq’s National oil company, the Basrah Oil Company (30%).


The GGIP ambitions is to develop Iraq’s natural resources and secure electricity supply. The full scope of GGIP includes:

  • The development of infrastructure to recover flared gas from oil fields to supply gas to power generation plants.
  • The launch of a seawater treatment plant to provide water injection for pressure maintenance and increase oil production.
  • The development of 1GW Solar Power Plant to supply electricity to the Basrah region.


Once implemented, this project will increase electricity supply to the Iraqi people, advance Iraq’s energy self-sufficiency, reduce harmful climate effects from flared gas in southern Iraq, and allow for the export of gas products to new markets.  

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