Energy Package 4

Last updated: 9 May 2023

As of 1 April 2023, Croatia rolled out the fourth package of government measures to shield citizens and the economy against energy prices and inflation. The package extends the cap on electricity prices until September 2023  - for households at 59 euro/MWh for consumption under 2500 KWh and at 88 euro/MWh for consumption above that, and for non-profit organisations and SMEs at 62 euro/MWh. Gas prices are discounted by 13.3 euro/MWh for households and by 0.0199 euros/kWh for entrepreneurs until April 2024. Diesel fuel subsidies are extended until 31 March 2024 at EUR 0.16 per litre. The package also includes EUR 64 million in one-time benefits for pensioners, EUR 9 million for beneficiaries of child allowances and EUR 6 million for unemployed people to cover energy prices.

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