The Appointment of Accreditation Agency for Implementing and Monitoring The Mandatory SNI (Ministerial Regulation No. 13/M-IND/PER/1/2015)

Last updated: 19 May 2021
Through this regulation, the minister appointed accredited institutions and testing laboratories to implement and monitor mandatory SNIs (Indonesian National Standards) for ACs, Refrigerators, and Washing Machine. They are the following: A - Accredited product certification bodies: - LSPro No. 1 - No.2- LSPro TUV Rheinland Indonesia (SNI IEC 6033502024:2009, SNI IEC 60035-2-7:2009, SNI IEC 60335-2-40:2009) B - Accredited testing laboratories:- Testing laboratory No.1 sd. No.5- Testing laboratory PT. TUV Rheinland Indonesia (SNI IEC 60335-2-7:2009) C - Product certification bodies that have not been accredited:- LSPRO No. 1 s.d. No.4 D - Testing laboratories that have not been accredited:- Testing laboratory No.1 - No.2This Ministerial Regulation regulates Amendments to the provisions of the Minister of Industry Regulation No.49 / M-IND / PER / 9/2013, amended by removing LSPro TUV Rheinland Indonesia from letter C and removing LSPro TUV Rheinland Indonesia in letter A for air conditioning products and adding PT.TUV Rheinland Indonesia's Testing Laboratory in letter B.

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