National Programme for the Reduction of Methane Emissions - Zero Methane

Last updated: 14 February 2023

The Ministry of Environment of Brazil issued the Zero Methane Programme (Ordinance 71/2022) in March 2022 in view of the provisions of the Federal Strategy of the Incentive to the Sustainable Use of Biogas and Biomethane (Decree No. 11,003/2022) and as part of Brazil's commitments under the UNFCCC, Glasgow Pact, and Global Methane Pledge.
The programme aims to:

  • encourage the carbon market, especially methane credits
  • foster sector plans and agreements
  • promote the implementation of biodigesters and biogas purification systems and the production and compression of biomethane
  • encourage the creation of green points and corridors to fuel light and heavy vehicles
  • stimulate deployment of technologies that allow the use of biogas and biomethane as renewable energy and fuel sources
  • promote and develop scientific and technological research and innovation and dissemination of technologies and practices aimed at mitigating methane emissions
  • foster measures and mechanisms to stimulate the reduction of methane emissions
  • promote national and international cooperation for the financing, capacity building, development, transfer and diffusion of technologies for methane emissions reduction 

The Zero Methane Programme will be coordinated by the Environmental Quality Secretariat and the the Climate and International Relations Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment.

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