Levy on New Passenger Motor Vehicles

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 2 February 2023

An environmental levy was introduced in 2011 on new passenger motor vehicles. 

The levy knows different rates with regards to the vehicle type and related-CO2 emissions thresholds: 

  • The CO2 emissions threshold for passenger cars remains at 120 gCO2/km and an initial tax rate at R75 for every gCO2/km above this threshold. 
  • It has also been decided to set the threshold for double cabs at 175gCO2/km and the initial tax rate at R100 for every gCO2/km above the threshold. 

Rates have evolved and sustainably increased over the years, up to R132 for passenger cars and R176 for double cabs. Stated rates are applicable from April 2022. 

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