"More Energy Security" Plan

Last updated: 6 December 2022

In response to the global energy crisis, the Spanish government implemented in October 2022 a Plan meant to boost long-term national energy security as well as short-term energy affordability for domestic consumers. It notably earmarks funding to compensate the rise in industrial CO2 indirect emission costs.

Among its main objectives, the Plan aims at reducing domestic gas consumption by 5,1%-13,5%, and ameliorate national competitiveness through a reduction in energy imports. 

It notably tops up and accelerates the implementation of government clean energy investment support measures and related spending enacted in the framework of the Spanish Covid-19 recovery Plans through the following orientations:
-financing the increase renewable energy generation, renewable-based hydrogen production and energy storage (PERTE ERHA instrument)
- increase government spending dedicated to residential renewable energy installations, public building retrofits and small town building retrofits (PREE 5.000 instrument)
- Support the enhancement of the energy performance of the tourism sector through a targeted sectoral programme

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