CCUS Innovation 2.0 programme

Last updated: 4 November 2022

The CCUS Innovation 2.0 programme is a GBP 20 million funding effort to bring down the cost of capturing and storing CO2 in the UK. Funding is available over two calls:

  • Call 1: In May 2022, 8 projects were selected to receive funding
  • Call 2: In July 2022, the second call was released. Projects for Call 2 will be split into 3 lots:
    • Lot 1 Mid Stage CCUS innovation for projects developing and piloting mid-stage (TRL 3-5) CCUS innovation.  
      Lot 2 Late Stage CCUS innovation for projects developing late-stage (TRL 6-8) CCUS technology, particularly demonstrating at intermediate (~100 tonnes CO2 per day) scale or greater at site. 
      Lot 3 Next Generation Carbon Capture Technology feasibility study: This is for industrial, waste or power site owners to analyse Next Generation Carbon Capture Technologies currently at TRL 3-8 to understand the feasibility of deploying these technologies at one of their UK-based sites.

The CCUS Innovation 2.0 competition is part of the £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

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