Geological Survey Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Last updated: 3 March 2023

The Geological Survey of Estonia is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment and is primarily engaged in mineral resource and groundwater research, as well as the geological mapping of Estonia. Future research will aim to further estimate deposits of raw material for power purposes in regions of concern. 
The main focus of the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan is aimed at gathering, systematizing and using sustainable knowledge about the earth's crust and to ensure environmentally sustainable economic development in Estonia. The strategy document outlines the following key objectives:

  • Collection of geological information, geological mapping of terrestrial and marine areas, along with analysis, management and access to the information collected.
  • Management of the geological resources and the exploitation of the earth's resources.
  • Preparation of reliable and cost-effective assessments of the impacts of the use of natural resources and of the extraction and use of natural resources.
  • Developing the knowledge base for exploiting and maximising the use of mineral resources.
  • Ensuring the proper preservation of geological material and its availability for study at the Arbavere geological survey centre.
  • Becoming an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the field of oil and gas.

In 2023, the Geological Survey of Estonia launched a three year research project on the economic potential and environmental impacts of valorisation of phosphorite, rare earth elements and related resources in the country. Building on previously conducted spatial analysis to identify potential prospective exploration areas, new additional funding of 6.1 million euros will be used to further the development of technologies for the extraction and valorisation of raw materials and on supply chain analysis. 

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