Geoscience Act, 1993

Last updated: 7 November 2022

The Geoscience Act of 1993 established the mandate for the Council for Geoscience, one of the National Science Councils of South Africa and the legal successor to the Geological Survey of South Africa. The objectives of the Council are to develop and publish world-class geoscience knowledge products and to render geoscience-related services to the South African public and industry.

The mandate of the Council includes:

o   The systematic reconnaissance and documentation of the geology of the earth’s surface and continental crust;

o   The compilation of geoscience data and information;

o   Basic geoscience research regarding the nature and origin of rocks, ores, minerals, formations, the history and evolution of life and the formation of the earth;

o   The collection and curation of all geoscience data and knowledge on South Africa in the National Geoscience Repository;

o   The rendering of geoscience knowledge services and advice to the State;

o   The management of a number of national geoscience facilities on behalf of the country including the National Seismograph Network, the National Borehole-Core Repository, the National Geoscience Heritage Collections (Geoscience Museum), and the National Geoscience Library;

o   The rendering of commercial geoscience services and products to national and international clients.

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