Geoscience Australia Strategy 2028

Last updated: 21 August 2023

Geoscience Australia was established in 2001 as the merger of the Australian Surveying and Land Information Group and the Australian Geological Survey Organisation. It is Australia's premier geoscientific research organisation, and provides geoscientific advice on critical minerals to the Australian Government. Geoscience Australia’s broader role includes the geological survey’s historical focus on resource development, as well as on diverse topics such as natural hazards, environmental issues, climate change, groundwater research, marine and coastal research, carbon capture and storage and vegetation monitoring
Geoscience Australia’s Strategy 2028 identifies the following priorities:

  • Building Australia’s resources wealth
  • Supporting Australia’s community safety
  • Securing Australia’s water resources
  • Managing Australia’s marine jurisdictions
  • Creating a location-enabled Australia
  • Enabling an informed Australia
  • Ensuring a high performing organisation

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