Geological Survey of Canada Strategic Plan, 2018-2023

Last updated: 1 November 2022

The Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) is the national organisation for geoscientific information and research. The GSC was established in 1841 when the legislature of the Province of Canada passed a resolution to establish and fund a geological survey. Today, the work of the GSC supports exploration and decision-making in the mining and energy sectors as well as national sovereignty, hazards risk management and more. 
Under the current Strategic Plan, GSC has set the following priorities:

  • Geological knowledge for Canada's onshore and offshore lands;
  • Geoscience for sustainable development - ensuring that new developments are sustainable as natural resource development shifts along with the energy transition;
  • Geoscience for keeping Canada safe - preparedness for natural disasters and climate change;
  • Geoscience for society - prioritising integrated land use planning and engagement with indigenous communities;
  • "Our people | Our science" - investing in the GSC workforce.

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