Support to road transport operators (freight and collective transport)

Last updated: 10 May 2023

As part of its October 2021 "Extraordinary package of measures on fuels" policy package enacted in response to the global energy crisis, the Portuguese government enacted specific support measures to the road passenger transport operators. The Environmental Fund provides EUR 0.10/litre subsidies to vehicles licensed by the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT): licensed taxis, heavy passenger vehicles of categories M2 and M3 or equivalent. 

The support provided was later increased in the framework of the March 2022 package entitled "New measures to offset rising energy prices", from EUR 0.10/litre to EUR 0.30/litre (with a maximum of 380 litres/month for taxis and 2100 litres/month for buses). In addition, the support scheme was extended to natural gas buses with EUR 0.30/litre subsidy (maximum of 2100 litres/ month), and support measures for freight transport companies were enacted.

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