October 2021 Extraordinary package of measures on fuels

Last updated: 15 May 2023

In response to the energy price crisis, the Portuguese government enacted in October 2021 an "Extraordinary package of measures on fuels" encompassing the following temporary measures :

  • a temporary reduction of the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP) applicable to gasoline and diesel. 
  • a AUTOvoucher discount: Fuel subsidy of EUR 0.10/litre (maximum of 50 litres/month) at gas stations. 
  • the suspension of the planned carbon tax increase on fuels. 
  • a subsidy to road passenger transport operators (buses and taxis), equivalent to EUR 0.10/litre (maximum of 50 litres/month).  

In addition, targeted, permanent measures were implemented for the road freight sector from November 2021:

  • an extension of the 50% reduction in the Single Circulation Tax (IUC) for road transport of goods.
  • an extension of the 20% increase in Corporate Income Tax IRC on the purchase of fuels.

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