Decree No. 11.108. Establishes the Brazilian Mineral Policy and the Mineral Policy National Council

Last updated: 1 November 2022

In 2022, the Brazilian President signed Decree No 11.108 to establish a national mineral policy and to create the Mineral Policy National Council. 

The Brazilian Mineral Policy has the following principles:

  • The rational use of the country's mineral resources, with the maximisation of socio-economic benefits;
  • Preservation of the national interest;
  • Promotion of sustainable development;
  • Socio-environmental responsibility;
  • Fostering of research, technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • The aggregation of value to mineral goods;
  • An attractive environment for investment in mineral research and other segments of the mineral industry;
  • The expansion of the country's competitiveness in the international market;
  • Stimulation of regional development and local economic diversification and integration;
  • Respecting local culture and vocations, appropriate working conditions, and human rights;
  • Promoting cooperation with States, Federal Districts, and Municipalities, as well as mineral sector representatives; and
  • Promoting competition and the free market.

This Mineral Policy will be introduced through two instruments: the National Mining Plan, intending for the long-term planning of the country's mineral sector; and the Goals and Actions Plan, seeking the establishment of actions, goals, and projects, with a horizon of up to six years. 

Finally, this Decree creates the Mineral Policy National Council with the mission of advising the Brazilian President about policies and guidelines issued to the development of the Brazilian mineral sector.

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