Geological Survey of Finland Strategy 2020-2023

Last updated: 4 November 2022

Under the current Strategy of the Geological Survey of Finland, the government "aims to be the world’s number one expert in battery minerals," specifically focusing on cobalt, nickel, lithium, copper, and graphite.
The institution has two ongoing projects related to this. The first, the Battery mineral potential surveys, is internally financed and aims to produce geological datasets and interpretations related to battery mineral deposits and their utilization. The project also improves the databases benefitting the mining and exploration industry and aims to identify new zones with good mineral potential, thereby lowering the threshold for new investments in the mining sector and supporting regional development.
The second project, BATTRACE – Sustainable processing and traceability of battery metals, minerals and materials, is a three-year project financed by several industry partners. Its end-goal is to develop a traceability method and ensure the sustainability of battery raw materials, verifying the origin of materials by identifying the fingerprint of each ore deposit and investigating its preservation along the value chain.

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