Law No. 1-12 that establishes the National Development Strategy 2030

Last updated: 9 October 2023

In 2012, the President of the Dominican Republic signed Law No 1-12 to approve the National Development Strategy for the period 2012 to 2030. This strategy collects suggestions and proposals formulated by several institutions, organisations, and individuals that participated in the Consultation of the National Development Strategy 2010-2030 Proposal.

This strategy implies that any policy made by the government needs to follow four pillars: (i) Fostering a democratic social state of law; (ii) Promoting a society with equal rights and opportunities; (iii) Developing a sustainable, inclusive, and competitive economy; and (iv) Promoting environmentally sustainable production and consumption that adapts to climate change.

Regarding mining, this strategy aims to foster investment for the sector's sustainable development. This goal would be pursued through the following measures:

  • Consolidate a regulatory framework for mining exploration and exploitation that guarantees the sustainable development of the activity, the protection of the national interest, and the legal security of the investment, as well as agility, fairness, and transparency in the processes of obtaining mining rights;
  • Provide basic information to guide geological-mining exploration and to reduce risks and costs in the development of the activity;
  • Promote competitiveness and the development of productive mining activity to expand the generation of employment and incomes;
  • Support the development of sustainable and artisanal mining;
  • Promote human resources development for mining activity;
  • Execute mechanisms to allow municipalities to participate in the income generated by the mining industry and finance sustainable development projects;
  • Ensure that mining contracts guarantee the ecosystems and natural reserves protection and the rights of affected populations.

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