Consumer support package

Last updated: 18 November 2022

The Thai government implemented ten support measures to cushion the most vulnerable consumers from the effects of energy price rise, 8 of which directly related to energy affordability:

- Diesel retail price is capped at 30 THB/litre, through an excise tax reduction;
- NGV retail price is capped at 15.59 THB/kg;
- 20 million households with low consumption records will be entitled to a THB 0.22 satang/kWh from May to August
- a 3 month increase in the monthly cooking gas subsidy (from THB 45 to THB 100 ) is enacted for State welfare beneficiaries
- a 3 month discount for gasohol purchase (THB  5/litre for a maximum of 50 litres) is enacted for motorcycle taxi drivers
- a 3 month price cap ( at THB 3.62/kg) is implemented on LPG  for taxi drivers
- a 3 month discount for cooking gas purchase (THB -100 per month) for street vendors holding a State welfare card

The scheme is funded through government budget, as well as by the State-owned utility PTT.

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