(NSW) Coal Innovation Fund

Last updated: 2 February 2023

The New South Wales Coal Innovation Administration Act 2008 was enacted with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the state's coal sector. It thereby established two entities: 1) Coal Innovation NSW (CINSW), an advisory council composed of representatives from the government, industry and academic sectors and 2) a $100 million Coal Innovation Fund to support public awareness and acceptance of the importance of GHG reduction in the coal mining sector alongside research, development, demonstration and commercialisation of low emissions coal technologies. The Fund is administered by the Minister for Resources and strategic advice and recommendations are provided by CINSW. 
Project areas supported by the Fund include:

  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Post combustion capture of carbon dioxide
  • Public consultation and community awareness
  • Fugitive methane emissions from coal mines.

Funding for projects in the fugitive methane emissions category seeks to encourage greater investment in, and uptake of, ventilation air methane (VAM) abatement technologies. Recipients of funding to date include a full scale VAM abatement facility, a VAM catalytic mitigator and a VAM regenerative after burner trial. 

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