(Queensland) Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017

Last updated: 2 February 2023

The Queensland Coal Mining Safety and Regulation of 2017 establishes standard operating procedures and guidelines for surface and underground mines. The Regulation contains key provisions regarding the monitoring and control of methane concentration in both surface and underground coal mines for worker safety purposes.

  • Chapter 3, Article 142 mandates that a surface mine’s safety and health management system must provide for protecting persons from risks from flammable or toxic gas at the mine.
  •  Chapter 4, Part 7, Division 2 mandates that underground mines and specific mine equipment must be monitored  by methane gas detectors and alarms. 
  • Chapter 4, Part 9, Division 2 establishes risk assessment guidelines for identifying explosion risk zones (where the general body of concentration of methane is known or likely to cross a certain threshold). 
  • Chapter 4, Part 11, Division 2 requires that an underground mine's ventilation system must ensure that the general body of concentration of methane is no greater than 2.5%. 

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