Gateway to Earth: British Geological Survey Science Strategy 2019-2023

Last updated: 8 February 2023

Created by the Geological Survey Act of 1845, the British Geological Survey's (BGS) mission is to provide impartial and independent geoscience advice and data through the observation, monitoring and characterisation of geological environments both nationally and internationally. The BGS also builds strategic partnership with academic institutions, governments, industry and the public to develop its work and share expertise.

The Gateway to Earth Science Strategy for the BGS sets out three challenge areas:

  1. Decarbonisation and resource management (i.e., understanding the origin, transport and concentration of the metals and materials that are critical for the transition to a low-carbon economy; and monitoring global mineral production, trade flows and mineral statistics to ensure a sustainable supply of resources for a low-carbon economy);
  2. Environmental change, adaptation and resilience;
  3. Multi-hazards and resilience.

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