Official Mexican Standard. NOM-157-SEMARNAT-2009, by which the elements and procedures to implement mining waste management plans are established

Last updated: 27 October 2022

In 2009, the Mexican Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources issued the Official Mexican Standard NOM-157-SEMARNAT-2009 to establish the elements and procedures applicable to mining waste management plans. This standard was reviewed in a public consultation process. The consultation finished on 15 August 2011 with a final version of the rules.  

This Official Standard establishes the elements and procedures that must be considered to formulate and apply a mining waste management plan. This standard seeks to prevent mining waste generation and promote the recovery of waste. It also looks to foster a comprehensive waste management plan through new processes, methods, and technologies that are economically, technically, and environmentally feasible.

According to this Official Standard, a mining waste management plan must include:

  1. The identification of the generator,
  2. The objectives of the management plan,
  3. The period of time that the generation of waste is estimated to last and, therefore, the validity of the management plan,
  4. The program of activities,
  5. The modality of the management plan, and 
  6. The description of the management plan object.

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