Blockchain Pilot Grants: Critical minerals

Last updated: 12 December 2023

In July 2021, the Australian Government awarded $3 million grant to Everledger and its partners under its Blockchain Pilot Grants programme to investigate how blockchain technology can be used to create a digital certification for critical minerals, tracking minerals throughout international supply chains. From mining and downstream processing to circular and end-of-life material uses. The project aims to build supply chain integrity and contribute to the Critical Minerals National Ethical Certification Scheme, helping companies in the sector easily adhere to compliance regulations in the international export of critical minerals.
It also aims to optimise processes to generate cost and time efficiencies in ESG data reporting, benefiting certification bodies, regulatory processes and investment due diligence. The project aligns with global best practices including the Global Battery Alliance Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rulebook, EU Taxonomy, EU Battery Regulations and ISO standards.
The grant is funded under the Australian Government’s Digital Business package and aligns with the Government’s National Blockchain Roadmap.

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