Decree 151: Action Plan for the Ecuadorian mining sector

Last updated: 31 October 2022

In 2021 the Ecuadorian President issued a decree approving the new plan for the mining sector. This strategy aims to develop an efficient, social and environmentally responsible mining industry. It also seeks to define the country’s geological potential, foster national and international investments and implement best practices for using the resources.

The Action Plan also aims to increase transparency in the industry. Therefore, article 4 mandates that within 100 days the Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Resources must disseminate mining sector statistics and projections to help understand the industry’s impact on the country. To report the data, the Minister should utilise a long-term economic model that identifies the sector’s profitability using variables such as the contribution to GDP, to export, national and international investments, output, and environmental and social cost, among others. Additionally, article 7 defines that transparency of information about mining revenues and their use is an official State policy.

Furthermore, the Action Plan aims to reform the current permitting process. Article 13 indicates that within three months of the announcement of this Decree, the Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Resources may amend the Guidelines for metal minerals permitting process covering metal mining licensee adjudication and expired areas. The new Guidelines should guarantee fair and equitable treatment for national and international company participation in the mining sector. 

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