Investment and Employment Initiative Programme

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The "Investment and Employment Initiative" (IEI) Programme contains five structural measures containing several projects or actions. These measures are aimed at generating an anti-cyclical economic impact on investment and employment, and they are also consistent with the framework of the Lisbon Strategy, contributing to strengthening the countrys modernisation and competitiveness, the qualification of the Portuguese people, energy efficiency and self-sufficiency, as well as environmental sustainability and fostering social cohesion. In this Initiative the Government strives to benefit from the European Councils decision of 13 December to support the simplification of procedures and the faster implementation of programmes financed by the Cohesion Fund, Structural Funds or by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development with a view to increasing investment in infrastructure and energy efficiency. Under this programme, through the measure "Improved energy efficiency of public buildings", the State will invest in solutions to improve the energy efficiency of a set of the most energy-consuming public buildings (hospitals, universities, law courts, offices of public services, etc.), which will galvanise the construction, metalwork and mechanical engineering and energy consultancy sectors, while also driving direct gains through the reduction of energy expenditure. In 2009, an intervention in 100 public buildings with a budget of EUR 100 million is planned. The Minister of State and Finance is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the IEI, ensuring that the required high degree of budgetary control discipline is complied with. The performance of the measures will be monitored and assessed and the Government will maintain the necessary flexibility to carry out any adjustments deemed appropriate in view of the development of the economic situation and the level of effectiveness shown by the measures.

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