Energy affordability measures for domestic companies

Last updated: 16 May 2023

In an effort to shield most vulnerable domestic companies from the effects of the global energy crisis, the French government enacted specific schemes until end December 2022 :

- A temporary subsidy scheme for energy-intensive companies (eg. companies whose gas and electricity expenses represent at least 3% of yearly profits, and face a deficit risk due to energy price rise). A EUR 5 billion envelope was agreed upon with the European Commission on 1 July 2022. The subsidy scheme, which covers up to half the increase of the recipient's energy expenses, is subject to different caps depending on the company's profile. 

-State-backed loans providing liquidity to companies directly affected by the rise in energy prices caused by the invasion of Ukraine, were made available starting in April 2022.

In addition, targeted tax rebates and subsidies for some sectors (transport, construction, agriculture and fisheries ) were enacted. A call for project entitled "Zero Fossil Industry" focused on biomass-based heat generation, energy efficiency and industrial process decarbonisation, as well as accelerating industrial decarbonisation was also launched from April 2022 to early November 2022.

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