Operating regulations of the multi-stakeholder group EITI-Ecuador

Last updated: 31 October 2022

In 2020 the Ecuadorian multi-stakeholder group for implementing the EITI transparency standards in the country approved its operating regulation. These rules aim to regulate the operation and establish the internal procedures of the Group in order to guarantee an effective and harmonic interaction for the implementation of the standards.

According to this regulation, the Group would be formed by four members from the government sector, four from the extractive industry, and three from civil society organisations. Members must be appointed without intervention or coercion from any sector.

The main functions of this group are (article 6):

  1. Define the scope of the EITI standard in Ecuador;
  2. Define and approve the EITI Work Plan and follow up on its execution;
  3. Deliberate and decide on actions and issues related to the EITI by complying with the procedures established in this regulation;
  4. Supervise the execution process of the EITI Report;
  5. Support the management of the financing of the EITI Work Plan in Ecuador; and,
  6. Promote the dissemination of public information on the initiative.

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