Decree No. 5 for 2020: executive regulation for gas flaring following the Law No. 42 for 2014

Last updated: 9 September 2022

The decree sets requirements related to gas flaring. It differentiates between natural gas and associated gas. Associated gas is defined as gas associated to oil extraction and found dissolved in the extracted oil and water. 
It limits the amount of flared gas to 5% of daily gas production, taking into account only flaring for maintenance and operational purposes (i.e flaring due to emergencies does not fall under this limit). Operators must inform the general environmental authority within two months of any emergency flaring, reporting the quantities and specifications of emitted gases. Furthermore, storage facilities are not allowed to flare imported gas.
Operators must present at the start of every year anticipated flaring quantities and report flared volumes twice a year. The means for non-flared gas use must be reported annually. The decree contains templates for all the requested reports. 

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