Decree 10.657. Establishes the policy to support the environmental licensing of investment projects for strategic minerals production.

Last updated: 2 November 2022

In 2021, the Brazilian President signed a decree to establish a policy to support environmental licensing of investment projects for strategic minerals production (National Strategic Pro-Minerals Policy). This initiative aims to prioritise government efforts to implement projects for strategic minerals production and the country’s development (article 1 and 2 Decree 10.657). 

To be included in the Strategic Pro-Minerals Policy, mining investment projects may be qualified upon request of the project owner, according to the following criteria:

I – Minerals that have a high percentage of imports and which are needed to supply vital sectors of the Country’s economy;

II - Minerals that are important for their application in high-tech products and processes; or

III - Minerals with comparative advantages and essential for the economy since they generate a surplus in the country's trade balance.

Furthermore, this decree establishes an Interministerial Committee for the Analysis of Strategic Minerals Projects (CTAPME). It is responsible for defining the mining projects relevant for the expansion of strategic mineral production and which will become part of the National Strategic Pro-Minerals Policy.

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