Sustainable neighborhoods contracts

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Starting from the principle that the existing neighbourhoods will always be the essence of the urban fabric, Brussels decided in priority to improve life in its existing neighbourghoods. Under the sustainable neighborhoods contracts, environmentally efficient projects will be supported by the Region primarily to help speed up energy transformation of the housing stock in the old and insecure areas. The Sustainable Neighbourhood contracts offer different innovative flagship projects in energy and the environment. Now, following the example of the first Zero Carbon neighbourhood in the "Urbain-Loi € project (European Quarter), all new urbanization project will move towards the goal of zero carbon.
In addition, the Region has launched a call for proposals to the residents in order for them to, together, take action on various issues : energy savings, waste reduction, rational consumption, etc. Since 1993, 60 neighbourhoods have already benefited from this transversal policy.

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